Services Provided

With funding from the Florida legislature, the Florida Cleft and Craniofacial Network (FCCN) provides the following services and supplies for Florida families who have children born with cleft lip/palate or other craniofacial malformations:

FCCN provides an array of services and supplies including:

A toll-free "hot line" for parents and professionals throughout the state 1-800-726-2029;

For a limited time, Haberman (Medela), Mead Johnson and Dr. Brown's bottles can be sent to families of newborns. Please request bottles by telephone or e-mail:352-627-9326, toll-free at 1-800-726-2029 or email

Counseling pregnant women whose baby has been diagnosed with a craniofacial difference;

Assisting in communication between parents of newborn infants and hospitals, health professionals and other families;

Offering seminars on the topics of nursing care and feeding techniques for professionals and parents.

Feeding Supplies

As long as resources last we will also continue to provide the following items free of charge to Florida families:

Enfamil cleft palate nursers;

Haberman (Medela) bottles and nipples;

Dr. Brown's bottles and nipples and Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags;

Similac orthodontic nipples;

Similac premature nipple;

Enfamil standard-flow soft nipple.

Recently on the request of several teams' nurses we purchased Dr.Brown's special feeding bottles. If you have some experience in using this bottle for feeding babies with cleft palate please share those experiences with us. Please e-mail your responses to Lyuba

If theses bottles work well we will order more and provide them to the families of newborn babies. If you would like to watch Dr.Brown's webinar "Feeding the Infant with Cleft Lip and Palate: Tools and Techniques" you can find it at:

Please request bottles by telephone or email to Lyuba Wharton.
Telephone: 352-627-9326, or toll-free 1800-726-2029

For more information on feeding children born with cleft lip and palate and on different feeding bottles please contact FCCN office or find more information at the Cleft Palate Foundation (CPF).

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